November 10, 2018

„Not sure if it would be what I want.“ „But I prefer less weight and a bigger screen for my shiny new device.“ „Should I stay with this woman I have fabulous sex with, or go back to the woman I feel at home with?“ „I’d start from zero if I’d move to another country.“

All those are simplified or condensed from conversations I had within the last week. The question behind all is: „How can I know if I’m making the right decision?“ and „Will it hurt?“

We probably cannot know by overthinking the issue and yes, it probably will hurt.

But we can start to pay attention to what our indecisiveness is creating in our lives. How does it shape the experience of our days? What does it feel like to be busy in our minds?

Coming back to the examples from above,

  • instead of experimenting, the present is filled with thinking about the insecurities.
  • instead of evaluating a need, artificial dilemmas are created.
  • instead of having the balls to create a meaningful life, three people have a painful experience.
  • instead of directing the attention to abundance, life is looked at from a point of scarcity.

We probably find nothing new by preventing the decision. If we’re too scared to decide on the spot, we can start by paying attention to what is.