What I’m doing now

December 23, 2017

I’m in Dresden, Germany and currently focusing my attention on these things:

Growing and Shaping an Indie Development Business I’m currently working on all things around my Freeware program Mp3tag. Lately, I’ve started a newsletter and built a free email course.

I’ve also started a side-project with a friend and we’ll see where it’ll lead us – I’ve learned Go (the programming language, I also like the table game) for this project which is a good experience.

I’m also knee-deep into Swift right now — the language of the Apple ecosystem. This also means that a native macOS version of Mp3tag is in the (very early) makings.

Bodywork and Attention Learning and Teaching I’m working with people who want to create change by paying more attention to and learning through their bodies and the world around them. It’s in one-to-one sessions, it’s intense and stops the auto-pilot, which often occupies so much of our days time.

Intentional Habits I’m meditating, do training in body attention, I’m enjoying movement of various sorts, started with basic strength training and I’m eating healthy most of the time. I try to learn daily through paying attention, listening and reading.

Being a Partner and Dad I’m a father of two wonderful daughters and the partner of a most amazing woman. We’re trying to spend our shared time in a meaningful way. At the core, this means for me that my attention is not split in those moments.

These are my current priorities. I say no to everything else (okay – most of the time). If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page.

Last update was on December 23 2017.

This page was inspired by Derek Siversnownownow project.